with minoxidil you may find dryness and white flakes all over the scalp.Minoxil solutions are alcohol based and after alcohol evaporates,deposits are left behind.Excwssive dryness is one of the known side effects of minoxidil so there is a need sometimes to add some oil application along with.

next known issue with minoxidil is itching all over the scalp ,some redness irritation .If this becomes too much than its better to see your doctor immidiately.

My viewpoint for minoxidil:I consider minoxidil as a palliative measure. Till the time you are using minoxidil u will find situation somewhat better ,moment you stop u most of the times get back to square one. In my view minoxidil should be used temporarily in only telogen effluvium,just to expidate the whole process. its always better to talk to your trichologist before jumping upon minoxidil on you own.

A last word of caution for young females, inappropriate use of minoxidil will lead to facial hair growth, along with fine hair growth over forehead and sidelocks.

FINASTERIDE : Finasteride is one of the most discussed molecule over the internet in regard to hair and second its side effects. 

Let us see what its all about.Well Finasteride is one of the most talked about molecule on the Internet.Let us see what finasteride is and how it works. Finasteride basically is a compound which is available in form of tablets to be taken orally and is usually given in cases where there is excessive hair fall due to male pattern of baldness.Finasteride Works By blocking DHT receptors as discussed somewhere else in the literature. DHT receptor  is notorious in the sense that it  attaches  to dihydrotestosterone and after attaching itself DHT receptor leads to certain changes at vascular level due to which there is stragulation of the hair root vessels and finally blood supply is severely decreased to the extent that hair follicle  no longer is able to grow.

What is the optimum dose for finasteride.To act optimally I believe that minimum dose of finasteride should be used so that the so-called side effects are limited to the minimum.The most important and the dangerous side effect mostly talked about finasteride is that it leads to sexual impotance.What I have observed in most of the cases is that decrease in libido is usually due to the psychological reasons rather than the blockade of DHT receptors by finasteride itself.So in most of the cases the decrease in libido is psychological.I have tried this in many clients that when even if I give simple lactose powder telling them that it was finasteride they developed decreased libido and on the other end I gave finasteride telling that it is nothing but a multivitamin I found that there was absolutely no incidence of decrease in libido hence it is not due to the finesteride itself that there is some problem.It is basically the awareness regarding the side effect of this molecule that creates problem.In my view dosage of finasteride upto 1 milligram per day has never caused any kind of sexual decrease in drive in any of my clients in the past 7 years.

Now let’s talk about the wise use of finasteride.In cases of hair fall when to consider and when not to consider finasteride.As you will see on the Internet that finasteride tablet is being promoted as a one stand solution for all kinds of hair fall but I would like to say that finasteride works optimally only in cases where the incidence of male pattern baldness is clear.It is hardly of any use in cases of telogen effluvium, nutritionally deficient cases and various other types of baldness like scarring alopecia so in cases where hair line recession is obvious and there is a clear cut family history of baldness those are the cases where we should consider the use of finasteride.It should be used not more than 1 milligram per day initially and once the hair fall is under control it should be tapered to .5 milligram per day.That is the dose which one should continue after due consultation with your doctor.

DUTASERIDE : Dutasteride is a molecule which is closely related to finasteride and has mode of action very similar to finasteride except for that dutaseride has a long t half which means that It stays in body for a long time and its effect is prolonged in cases where I have successfully used finasteride over a  period of months to years.I advise shifting my clients to very low or minimal dose of dutaseride. As with any other medication,you should start this molecule only with due consideration of your physician or your trichologist.

SAW PALMETTO: saw palmetto is a small berry which is native to usa. especially california. primarily saw palmetto berries have natiural ingredients which inhibit dht receptors .Primarily this medication was prescribed for urinary symptoms ,as it helps in reducing size of prostate and easing upon urinary symptoms.later after reserch it was realised that the mode of action was due to D.H.T  inhibition. Now saw palmetto extract can be seen in many combinations of multivitamins advertised for hair and prostate health.

In my view saw palmetto can be a drug of choice in people who are psycologically scared of finasteride and dutaseride. Otherwise scientifically i would prefer the other two drugs because the dosage can be altered accordingly,and quality control is also not a much of concern.