Male hair loss can be divided into various categories depending upon whether the hair loss is from entire head or from some specific area.It can be in form of patches as we see in alopecia areata.Baldness can be seen in some specific area like we see in male pattern baldness in form of w shape in front and thinning at crown.


Male baldness


In diffuse hair loss there is loss of hair follicles all over the scalp front as well as back of head.


Patchy baldness or irregular baldness:when hair loss is seen in form of patches,which can be small or large irregular is size.This can be in some area of scalp or can be seen all over the scalp.READ MORE

This is a typical case of male pattern baldness where hair line recedes from both sides and crown as well.READ MORE

alopecia totalis is when head area is completely hairless,

alopecia universalis  when whole body is hairless. READ MORE