Low level laser light therapy as the name signify is is basically the treatment of hair follicles with the laser light of specific wavelength that is 632 NM.

How hair growth laser works.laser basically leads to increase in the anagen phase of hair follicle.At root level if we analyze ..LLLT decrease the rate of cell apoptosis (cell death) by increasing ATP  levels. Decrease in cell death rate further leads to increased anagen phase of hair follicle. More cells in anagen means more A/T ratio. Hence at any given time more hair will be present on scalp in growing phase.

Effectiveness of LLLT . In my personal experience LLLT is a medium effective mode of hair fall control. On its own LLLT is not able to control hair fall unless it is combined with some other medicines or therapies.

Best way to administer LLLT is to go for a commercial high watt laser exposere at least 20 minutes twice in a week.

For best results  topical medications should be used along withAnd in my experience i have seen best results when we combine lllt with meso and prp.