Hormones are circulating chemicals in our blood and their main purpose is cell signaling to maintain vital body functions. hormones which can affect both male and female are

a). Thyroid.



thyroid hormone in higher or lower levels cause hair fall through differing mechanisms.whic are beyound the scope of this discussion.Point to be noted is that sudden hair fall or slow decrease in hair density all over the scalp can be due to thyroid derangement.So t3 t4 and tsh levels need to be checked in all cases of hair loss male and female.


Recent research has very clearly shown that high circulating insulin levels are very detriment to most of systems of body.Increased insulin levels as seen in type 2 diabetes are associated with increased fat storage in body,increased levels of growth hormones and increased testosterone levels.

I will discuss further the concept of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) click here

Traction baldness is quite usual in north india. Traditionally females tie their hair in tight knots (braids )and to keep the hair in tidy and neat look they are tied very tightly.This continuous pulling pressure over the hair roots leads to weakening of adherence at the level of hair bulb.Continuous pull finally leads to permanent damage and fibrosis (death)at the level of hair roots. Once dead (fibrosed) there is no way  we can get the hair structure back except for transplant.

Traction baldness in males :similarly in males who wear turban,there is tight braiding of hair so that everything remains under the turban. same as in females continuous pull leds to hair root damage.

Treatment for traction baldness: In early stages when we diagnose the problem ,we can guide and explain the ill effects of tight braids and hair pulling so that hair style can be managed in no traction form.

in cases where already permanent