Body produces testosterone which is converted to dihydrotestosterone in tissues of body.Think of DHT as a key which has to fit into a lock .This lock is dht receptor which is located at level of hair roots.these locks get open with its key i.e dht and allow certain chemical reactions with in cells of hair roots leading to squeezing of blood vessels surrounding the hair root bulb.Depending upon the size of this lock it leads to proportional action at level of cells.Size of each lock and number of locks is genetically determined .In other words if genetically the dht receptor has more affinity for circulating dht than same level of hormone may cause more effect ,and if number of receptors is more per cells even the effect of dht will be more ..with same level of circulating hormone.

DHT receptors are distributed in male and female scalp in varying proportions as determined by genes.

n males dht receptors are distributed in a typical pattern mostly limited to the top view of head. Density is much more in front and crown regions,where we see typical beginning of male pattern baldness.In females the distribution almost similar with maximum density limited to upper central region of scalp.

Effect of exercise on dht :many of young boys visit me with sudden onset of hair loss associated with start of rigrous exercise. Let us discuss in detail,as already explained in most cases it is the attraction of dht towards cisrculating tesosterone, the number of dht receptors or the circulating levels of testosterone in young males. while doing exercise inform of weightlifting and taking so called metabolic enhancers and muscle builders ,during exercise of big muscles there is increased release of growth hormones which in turn leads to increase the level of testosterone and hence increased level of the dihydrotestosterone.This increases the hair fall as already explained .

so advise for all enthusists is to keep their dht receptors blocked at the level of scalp so that increased hair fall is arrested or is limited to an extent.

Effect of diet on hair fall : Fast sugars like common sugar,cokes,juices white flour etc, lead to  increased levels of testostreone and insulin resistance and more susceptibility towards hair fall.Cutting upon fast sugars completely,leads to great improvement in hair fall in young adults ,as observed clinically.

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