Hair hair loss is the most searched for medical condition these days when we go for statistics in Google.

Every one of us has experienced hair fall at one time or other during our life time. Now the main haunting question is wether it’s preventable or not. And next when is it treatable.

Hair fall has hundreds of reasons. Starting from stress (which is almost inevitable) to imbalanced diet or lack of sleep or some medical history or genetics and the list is unending.

What are alert signs and when to check a doctor for the condition. Well as old school says that 0.1 percent of hair fall is normal among routine folks is untrue. When we talk of excess hair fall we refer to hair fall over and above to what we normally have experienced over recent past. Any kind of hair fall is abnormal which is more than usual. As a general rule if you use a white pillow and morning you see hairs around, than its very much sure that hair fall is abnormal.

Now from where do we start. First things first.

1. Correct your diet at first hand. Start having protein daily either in form of egg white or protein shake or sprouts which are best source of protein vitamin b 12 and minerals as well.

2. Exercise . Daily 10 minutes exercise can have great positive impact upon overall health. After a week’s continuous exercise for 10 minutes daily will make you realise that how important it is. I recommend jogging ,treadmill or cross trainer for 10 minutes.

3.Vitamin supplements. Vitamin supplements which have biotin, calcium pantothenate, iron,vitamin d3,zinc,mangnese.etc.are most beneficial.

4. Starting some specific medication like peptide serums can immensely help control hair fall.